How to disable wireless function on Livebox

Most households in France are connected to the internet through a Livebox, which is basically a wireless router/modem. These boxes are electricity guzzlers and the wireless frequency they emit are increasingly a source of health concern, particularly for children. Here’s a tip: go back to using your old Ethernet cable and disable the wi-fi connection on your livebox. I went back to the cable a month ago thinking that this was sufficient, but in fact most of these boxes have been automatically programmed to supply wifi and you actually need to go online and disable the relevant program. Thanks to Robin des Toits for the instructions on how to do this.

Orange, for its part, tackles the issue head on in its FAQ: “There have been recent concerns about how safe wireless Internet is. In fact, wireless uses radio waves that are not related to the type that can be damaging to human beings, such as x-rays. The World Health Organisation says there is no risk from low level, long-term exposure to Wi-Fi® networks.”


3 responses to “How to disable wireless function on Livebox

  1. Hi Denise,

    Thank you so much for posting…I’ve been trying to do this for a while now.

    Ethernet plugged in, airport off, as is the wireless on the livebox!

    Excellent site, some great reading on here.


    • Hi Mel,

      I’m so glad you were able to do it. I hope more people get to learn about the importance of awareness on this subject, especially families with young children.
      Thanks for reading! Denise

  2. Its good you did it, I did it too
    well does it transmitt television channels via wireless?
    help me plz
    and sorry for my english

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