Change starts from within

Here’s a beautiful manifesto for change which comes from Ragi Kadirgamar in Mysore, India. We were talking about “the world in 2030” and he wrote something which strikes at the heart of all our global problems: which is that the change we need comes from within, that we should connect our hearts and minds, and thereby view the world from the perspective of inter-connectedness and collective stewardship. Why isn’t this at the top of everybody’s agenda?
“Most of our global conflicts, whether it be the wars between peoples, our disrespect for nature etc, originate within each one of us. Finding personal peace means our relationship with others and the world completely changes, because we realize the other is our self, the world is myself, nature is me; and therefore we stop wanting to treat it in any other way than with great respect, and love.
My thesis at university was about sustainable development and sustainable cities, 1994. I then took part and won several international competitions based on these themes. At that time I was not on a spiritual path so my perspective was very mental. Now the integration has happened, the heart and mind speak and see with the same voice. ‘Life is One Unbroken Whole’.
There is convergence between the great spiritual teachings of the world, and the latest scientific theories. For instance, the fact that every particle knows what every other particle is doing in the universe, at any given moment in time. And recent findings that show how plants communicate with each other constantly, creating a global matrix of plant life communication that spreads across the world – and how this relates back to our human bodies that are literally brand new every seven years, after every cell has died and been reborn. What an incredible story we are living.”
Ragi will be in Beziers France this summer from June-September to give workshops on Advaita philosophy.

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