French landmark ruling on cellphone tower

In a first ever for France, telephone operator Bouygues Telecom was ordered on February 4 by a Versailles appeals court court to dismantle cellphone basetowers in the Lyons area on the basis of the precautionary principle and the potential health risk for nearby residents. The ruling is significant because it draws on the latest research such as the Bioinitiative Report as well as recent European court rulings in Salzburg (Austria), Freiburg and Bamberg (Germany) and Helsinki.

The day after the ruling, Nathalie Kosiusko Morizet called for a “Grenelle des Antennes” (a roundtable grouping all stakeholders to brainstorm policy, modelled on the 2007 Grenelle on the Environment) to respond to growing fears among the public about public health risks associated with electro-magnetic fields.

«I am proposing a round table, a Grenelle des antennes, to bring together viewpoints of deputies, elected officials, telephone operators, scientists… and to respond to growing fears of citizens.

Kosciusko-Morizet, formerly Junior Environment Minister who became Secretary of State for the Digital Economy in a cabinet reshuffle last month, is known as an ardent supporter of the precautionary principle.

To find out more about the effects of wireless technology on the body, read this excellent round-up from CBCnews in Canada.

via Liberation and Robin des Toits


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