Solar/Electric city car to start production in France in 2009

The Venturi Eclectic solar and electric car was unveiled in October at the Paris Motor Show, and it goes into production from October 2009 at a new assembly plant in France near the town Sablé-sur-Sarthe. It is powered by solar panels embedded in the roof, and an optional wind turbine for cloudy days. Designed to be an urban vehicle with a maximum speed of 50 km/hour and a range of 50 kms on fully charged batteries, it is an open, clunky-looking three-seater with the driver’s seat located in the middle of the passenger compartment. Production capacity is estimated at 3,000 vehicles a year.

You can see a video here of a test drive of the Venturi Eclectic.

via Danny’s Contentment


2 responses to “Solar/Electric city car to start production in France in 2009

  1. Well it’s not the prettiest little car around, but the specs sound like it’s usable for strictly commuting or quick errands. It also resembles a carriage from 18th C. Europe, so maybe it has a horse hitch on the front for calm, yet cloudy days! 😀

  2. Please send me more details about the production of the Venturi eclectic car and the availability in terms of price and when available.

    Thank you
    Best regards
    Paul Mallia

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