Yves Cochet calls for food and energy rationing

Earlier this year I wrote about the taboo subject of rationing. Yves Cochet, a deputy for the Green party, made an important speech to parliament last month on the financial crisis in which he tackles the subject head on. Here’s an excerpt of his speech, without the backdrop of the inevitable booing and hissing from his right-wing colleagues.

“The current disaster is not a financial, economic, ecological, political, social or cultural crisis. It is all those at once, which makes it totally unprecedented…It is an anthropological crisis. To understand it, we need to call into question all our belief systems..We need to think the unthinkable.

“All our actions need to be guided by the will to diminish the ecological footprint of the OECD countries….We are not at the dawn of a new phase of material or industrial growth, but in the terminal phase of capitalism.

“We have to put in place something which is entirely new, a society based on sobriety:

First, local and regional autonomy in energy and food supply, in the north and the south.

Second, geographical decentralization of power – towards a federal France in a federal Europe.

Third, a relocalisation of economic activity.

Fourth, rationing and quotas for food and energy.”

via Yves Cochet’s blog.


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