France to offer 30,000-euro zero interest loan for eco-renovation

via Fußgänger  



via Fußgänger


Home owners in France take note. The French government is planning to offer a zero-interest loan of up to 30,000 euros for eco-renovation. If approved, this plan will take effect as part of the 2009 budget. Dubbed “éco-PTZ” (pret a taux zero), the loan is open to anyone, with no revenue conditions attached, and is limited to a maximum of 30,000 euros over five years. In order to qualify, borrowers must prove they intend to undertake a comprehensive overhaul and not just a one-off item like installing a solar panel or some hemp in the rafters. The plan, initiated by Environment Minister Jean-Louis Borloo, has met resistance from the Finance Ministry as it is expected to cost the government one billion euros. But Borloo argues that it will kick-start the industry in an otherwise sluggish economy.

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4 responses to “France to offer 30,000-euro zero interest loan for eco-renovation

  1. Nice blog.Keep on going with good work.

  2. Hi

    I am at the moment going through L’AFPA in France to start a business opening up my property, an old school, as a learning centre for the English language for foreign persons seaking to learn. I also want to use a space as an internet cafe for local people in the area, supervised for children, to learn internet skills.

    I am TEFL trained and my daughter, who is also TEFL trained will arrive in March to assist. I have another person in the village who I have spoken to this morning who is also a TEFL teacher.

    The whole point of this e-mail is to find out where I can get the funding for renovations to the property. Much of the work has been carried out and I have had some outside walls insulated already. I now need to replace the windows in the schoolroom and the main house. The gite windows are double glazed already however a more efficient heating system would be a good project in the gite as all electric at the moment, as I want to have students to stay in the gite.

    There is a small roofing problem, not major, but needs attention.

    Has anyone got any ideas on how I can obtain a grant for eco works. I have been told by the bank that unless I have full time permament work I will not be able to apply for an eco loan but information I have found on the internet seems to indicate otherwise.

    Look forward to replies.


  3. Extremely wonderful post, definitely informative information. Never ever believed I would discover the information I want right here. I’ve been looking all around the internet for some time now and was starting to get discouraged. Luckily, I happened across your internet site and acquired exactly what I was searching for.

    • That’s great. Since I wrote this, I learned that this loan only applies to your principal residence, and not to a holiday home. best of luck and thanks for reading!

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