Fight cellphone anxiety with a CMO device

Worried about potential health risks of cellphones? Check out the latest CMO devices. I just bought one from Natures et Découvertes and stuck it on the back of my cellphone for peace of mind.

CMO (Compensatory Magnetic Oscillator) Technology works on the assumption that electromagnetic attacks from machines such as computers and cellphones produce stress information which disrupts biological systems. CMO oscillation compensates for these effects by achieving resonance with the ultrasensitive receptors of living organisms.

Based on studies conducted in the US, UK, Japan, France, Israel and Russia, this is the first biotechnology that makes the electromagnetic radiation from polluting machines biologically compatible with the user.

One way to try and understand how sensitive all living organisms are to radiation of even very low frequencies is to think of seaching for a radio station: when we find the right frequency, we receive the station clearly. Similarly, our living cells can “tune in” to the frequencies emitted by cellphones or screens and this in turn can lead to disruptions, possibly even at the level of DNA. Over time, our bodies’ resistance to these frequencies weakens and makes us vulnerable to biological or electromagnetic stress.

So, if you’re tired of waiting for the (long overdue) results of the Interphone Study on potential health risks of cellphones to come out, or worried about your teenager’s cellphone habits, buy one of these. At 39 euros each, you can’t really go wrong.

For more research on CMO technology, see here.




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