Paris tests commuter ferry service

courtesy of tofz4u via Flickr

Continuing in a riverine vein, Paris has inaugurated a commuter ferry service along the Seine called Voguéo, which links Gare de l’Austerlitz to Maisons-Alfort in the east of Paris. Fully integrated into the RATP Parisian public transportation network, the service provides a six-stop, half-hour journey with departures every 20 minutes during rush hour. This is the first public transport initiative involving the Seine (until now the monopoly has belonged to the tourist-oriented Bateaux Mouches) and is part of the city’s ongoing search for more ecological public tranportation solutions. If successful, the current fleet of blue and green catamarans – with a passenger capacity of 75 – will be extended to the west of Paris in 2010.

via STIF


One response to “Paris tests commuter ferry service

  1. That’s an awesome project. With those wonderful catamarans and our velib’s ( bike rental system), being Parisians and green becomes trendy …

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