Wireless exposure doubled death rate for rats

courtesy of Tofos59 via Flickr

courtesy of tofo59 via Flickr

What: a new Belgian study conducted over 18 months by Dirk Adang at the Catholic University of Louvain

How: Four groups of rats were studied – three were exposed to internationally acceptable levels of GSM electromagnetic fields (ie an average of 27 volts per metre), two hours a day, seven days a week.

Results: Exposed groups of rats had a mortality rate of 60 percent, compared with 29 percent for the non-exposed group.


  •  Out of a total of 124 rats, only 19 were autopsied. Of those, 16 or 17 died of tumors (neck, knee etc)
  •  high mortality rate could be due to the assault on the immune system resulting from GSM exposure. Blood samples taken every three months showed an increase in white globules among the exposed rats.
via Le Soir 


3 responses to “Wireless exposure doubled death rate for rats

  1. Thanks, Denise, for once again bringing to light vital information. It will be interesting to hear about the results from the autopsies of the 105 remaining rats.


  2. Hi, interesting blog post on cell phone technology. I wrote a recent post about the same topic: http://jmorrow50.wordpress.com/2008/06/13/sell/



  3. Thanks for the info, I wish they would talk more about this in the mainstream media. I know they banned cell phone use for minors in 2 European Countries which I believe to be Spain and Great Britan. I heard this from KPFK.ORG
    the risk of people or children under 20yrs of age are 5x greater for cancer or tumors from cell phone usage than anyone else. We gotta do something about this.

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