Renault rolls out a new SUV: Greenpeace calls it a “climate WMD”

At a time when U.S. car manufacturers like Ford and General Motors are cutting production of large SUV’s and closing down truck and SUV plants across North America, France’s Renault has just rolled out a brand new iteration of the genre called the Koleos. Greenpeace was quick to denounce the vehicle as a “weapon of mass destruction of climate”. The NGO points out in a press release that this car – Renault’s first offering in the S.U.V. category – comes at a particularly unfortunate time in the current context of rising petrol prices – and notes that the average CO2 emissions of this vehicle is 209 grams/kilometer.

“The Koleos is the perfect example of what not to do,” said Anne Valette, head of the climate campaign at Greenpeace France. France and Germany struck a deal on June 9 to back the European Union’s ambition to limit CO2 emissions of all new cars to 120 g/km by 2012. 

Here’s an interesting letter from a reader published in this month’s issue of La Decroissance: hats off to the gentleman in question for walking the talk!

“I’m 52 years old and on April 11th I resigned from the multinational Michelin of my own free will. I was involved in the manufacturing of a part of the tyres for automobile racing, including Formula 1, which generates huge amounts of waste. For a firm which supports sustainable development, is it vital for humanity to take a car, to go around in circles on a circuit, to waste petrol and raw materials to come first and to gain a few seconds? My naturalist philosophy and my sense of morals have stopped me from continuing to be complicit in the destruction of life on Earth. 

I am proud, happy to have taken this decision, I am a free man, I am responsible for my decision. I love profoundly my Puy de Dome, the birds, life in all its forms, I will confront my destiny. I know the end of my story. Philippe Avel, Blanzat (Puy-de-Dome)”

George Monbiot in his book “Heat” puts it best: “The speed and acceleration of our cars is a form of profligacy at which all future generations will goggle.”




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