Public libraries in Paris shut down wi-fi in response to health worries

The Sainte-Genevieve Library in the Latin Quarter in Paris has just become the fifth library in the French capital to shut down its wi-fi because of health concerns. The library’s director took the decision in response to complaints from an employee who claimed to be suffering from “violent symptoms” which he attributed to prolonged over-exposure to the electromagnetic fields.

Le Parisien reported this week that the library has convened an extraordinary health and safety committeet to study the issue in conjunction with the Ministry for Higher Education and Research. Four other libraries, including the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, took the same decision last autumn of similar concerns and they still have not switched their wi-fi network back on. 

Robin des Toits is a French NGO which focuses on the potential health risks of wireless technology.

This issue is gathering momentum in Europe (Germany, Austria and Belgium have all advised schools against installing wi-fi networks). BBB Panorama in Britain ran a controversial documentary in Feburary this year looking at the health risks for wi-fi networks in schools.

via Le Parisien



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