French study finds cellphone exposure stresses tomatoes

Researchers at the University of Clermont Ferrand have found new evidence which raises more questions about the health risks of cellphones. In a new study they found that tomatoes, after just 10 minutes of exposure to the electromagnetic waves of a cellphone, were secreting a stress molecule which is only produced when plants are damaged. Professor Gérard Ledoigt, who headed the research team, told Le Parisien newspaper that the cellphone “disturbs the organism of the plant by provoking the appearance of molecules which only appear when it is wounded or damaged, which cannot be a good thing.”

“The experiment on the tomatoes, conducted by a serious team, does not allow us to conclude that the cellphone is dangerous for health, but simply that it is not neutral,” said Francoise Boudin, director of the Fondation Santé et Radiofréquences, an association which centralizes research into the possible health risks of cellphone use. “While awaiting more comprehensive studies, notably on humans, the precautionary principle is advisable.”

The French government, for its part, has also decided to exercise precaution on the issue. Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot has called for caution in cellphone use, particularly for children.

via Le Parisien


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