Artificial snow at the Eiffel Tower prompts outcry

If you’ve been to the Eiffel Tower lately you will have noticed that the first level of the number one tourist attraction in Paris has acquired a layer of snow on the first floor and visitors are being offered free snow shoes as they arrive. This novelty is part of a photo exhibition called “Rendez-vous at the poles”, documenting Inuit life in the 21st century and fauna of the Artic and the Antarctic. This has prompted an outcry from an ecological association called Robin des Bois, which issued a statement last month protesting the unnecessary waste of water and pointing out that “there are places more appropriate than Paris to stage exhibitions of the polar ice floes.”

The association claimed that the operation would waste thousands of cubic metres of water, but this claim was contested by the Eiffel Tower authorities who insisted the operation would consume a total of 60 cubic metres of water for the entire duration of the exhibition (which ends on January 31), equivalent to the quarter of a swimming pool measuring 10 metres by 15 metres.

via La Croix


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