WWF issues pocket guide to sustainable fish consumption

Our seas and oceans are all fished out and the European Union is failing dismally to enact legislation that will put the brakes on the current rush to deplete our dwindling stocks. WWF France – which warns that the global fishing fleet is currently two and a half times bigger than what oceans can sustainably support – has just issued a useful pocket guide that you can download, print out and keep as a reference when shopping for fish or ordering it in restaurants. Unless the current situation improves, stocks of all fish currently fished for food are predicted to collapse by 2048. So it is worth consuming selectively.The guide is divided into three categories – preferred choices, consume in moderation and avoid. The “avoid” category refers to species that have been overfished, some of which are already on the way to extinction. It includes eel, cod, swordfish, Greenland halibut, skatefish, Atlantic salmon, sole, red tuna and Northeast Atlantic turbot. Occasional treats from the “consume in moderation” category include John Dory, Albacore tuna, lobster, scallops, calamari and sea bass. And those that we can continue to eat without guilt are oysters, Northeast Atlantic mackerel, mussels, hake from South Africa, Pacific salmon, herring, trout and sea bream. When buying fish, try to opt for the Marine Stewardship Council’s distinctive blue ecolabel which guarantees that the fish has come from a sustainable source. Supermarkets such as Carrefour, Casino and Monoprix all stock MSC-labelled fish.    


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