French minister orders study on environmental impact of Christmas

Despite serious concerns about purchasing power, despite the Grenelle and the Bali conference, signs abound that it is still business as usual for the festive season. Societal pressure to force-feed one’s entourage with useless, over-packaged gift items has not abated a whit and the only good green news seems to be that the traditional Christmas decorations on the Champs-Elysees have been engineered with eco-friendly light bulbs which will cut the electricity bill for the display by 70 per cent, according to the Paris town hall authorities.

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Junior Minister for the Environment, wants local authorities all over France to take a serious look at their Christmas footprint. She has asked the French Enivironment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) to carry out a study of the environmental impact of Christmas which will result in guidelines on reducing the festive footprint at the local level. The study will focus on four main themes – electricity consumption linked to Christmas decorations and lighting, public transportation needs for city centres, the promotion of eco-friendly purchases as gifts and the management of waste and packaging.

“More than any other holiday, Christmas is an occasion to reflect on the social and environmental under-side of our consumption and in this domain local authorities should also lead the way,” Kosciusko-Morizet said in a statement.

via Actu Environnement


One response to “French minister orders study on environmental impact of Christmas

  1. At a consumer level, I suspect that a good proportion of buyers and receivers of Christmas gifts would love a decent excuse to save on the whole palaver of exchanging pointless tat between one another.

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