How to find a green job in France

A new green job search site launched in France this week called Clicandearth covering offers in all areas of the environment and sustainable development – climate, waste, water, renewable energy, site management, earth sciences. The site claims to be unique in the genre in France because the job offers are classified by sector.

Elsewhere on the green job front, Courrier Cadres magazine has a round-up in this month’s issue of the green job scene. The article divides the scene into three different categories: professions which are adapting, those which are taking off and those which are emerging. Among the adapters are specialists in environmental law working for corporations, green auditors, environmental consultants (carbon audits, best-practice training for staff etc) and green architects. The environmental law consultants need to track European Union law very closely because eighty percent (see here) of the laws affecting the environment in France originate in Brussels.
Job descriptions which are in the category of “taking off” include environmental risk manager, wind turbine project manager and hydrobiologist.
And those that are considered “emerging” include the following:
Agrobiology consultant – everyone wants organic fruits and vegetables but only 2 percent of cultivated land in France is farmed organically. This job entails advising and helping farmers convert to organic farming and to do some hand-holding during the transition.
Manager of an urban bicycle-sharing network: After Vélib in Paris and similar programmes in Lyons, Marseilles, growing numbers of French towns are eager to jump on the bandwagon. Making sure that each user can find a bicycle at any place or time of the day is a tall order. “You have to supervise the transfer of the bicycles from one station to another, keep the entire stock in perfect working order, organize the staff schedules – 400 people to manage in Paris,” said Eric Callé, 33, an engineer who heads up the operational division at Decaux, which runs the Vélib network in Paris.
Medical consultant for the home – this is someone who comes to your home to audit it for potential sources of allergies. Working in collaboration with your GP, they will conduct a one-on-one interview, collect air samples and do a thorough audit of the home to try and eliminate all allergens.
Environmental psychologist – Not really a green shrink, but rather someone who studies the relationship between individuals and where they live to produce recommendations which can improve their quality of life. Profession linked with the public sector, for instance in urbanization studies.


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  1. dear sir,
    I like to apply for the job there. how can i am apply the job there.please tell me ok.

  2. Here are quick facts about France renewable jobs sector

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