What’s the carbon cost of transport strikes in Paris? 10,000 extra tons a day

nullThe transport strikes which started last Wednesday to protest Nicolas Sarkozy’s economic reforms are exacting a heavy toll on the air quality around the Paris region. According to Olivier Carles, an engineer specialized in carbon emissions interviewed by Le Figaro, the overall effect of all those extra cars on the roads, idling in massive traffic jams across Paris and at all the main entry points to the city, is to pump 10,000 extra tons of carbon emissions into the air everyday.”Normally, during the week, 5 million residents of the Paris region go to work. 500,000 walk, 2 million drive and 2 million take public transportation. The latter, during the strike, have been walking a bit but most of them have resorted to the car, and car-pooling remains marginal.””In total, I estimate roughly that there are 1.5 million extra cars on the road during the strike days. On average, they drive 27 kilometres during the day….or the equivalent of putting 10,000 tons of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.” He pointed out that the metro and RER (rapid commuter trains) are low in carbon emissions because they run on electricity, of which 80 percent is nuclear in origin. Buses, even empty, cost less in terms of carbon emissions per passenger than private cars.via Le Figaro


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