Evils of the disposable coffee pods

Click on the Vodpod on the sidebar on the right to see a great video made by Les Apprentis Z’Ecolos on the evils of the expresso pod which has become so popular in France. The French Environment and Energy Management Agency ADEME has confirmed that a packet of 250 grams of expresso pods generates 10 times as much packaging as a bag containing 250 grams of coffee. What’s more, buying your coffee in these tiny miniature capsules (each type is tied to a particular brand of coffee machine) costs between 20 and 60 percent more than if you buy it in a bag. Thanks to savvy marketing and George Clooney’s image, Nespresso sold 1.7 pods for one million coffee machines in 2005.

The anti-pod buzz has generated efforts to “green” the product. Nespresso makes its pods out of almunium and recycles them. In the Netherlands, a company has launched the Ecopad, a rechargeable pod. Lavazza, however, which makes a better-tasting pod than Nespresso, makes its capsules from aluminium, polyester and polyethelene and they are not recycled or reused.

via Quotidien Durable


3 responses to “Evils of the disposable coffee pods

  1. Great post. I have long been aware of, and resistant to, the Nespresso and other coffee-capsule sirens, and I had heard early on the Ademe’s 10-to-one packaging comparison between capsules and bags of coffee. But several months ago I passed by a Nespresso Boutique and was stopped in my tracks. Looking through the window at the sales counters, I felt like it was fancy Cuban cigars or the finest chocolates that were being sold. Definitely a marketing bonanza.

    In the end, the Ademe will have to adjust its figures. There is much more packaging that the aluminum or other materials in the capsules. Eight to ten of them are stacked in a long, slim box – different colors for different blends, and then the boxes are slipped into a beautiful boutique shopping bag. I watched the pleased shoppers coming out of the store with large, elegant bags, and thought to myself, “All that for what amounts to a bag or two of ground coffee….”

  2. The nespresso is awesome. I reuse the pods myself a few times before i put them in the recycling.

    Check out this video..


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