What’s in Colgate toothpaste

Wired magazine has a scary breakdown this month of exactly what is inside a tube of Colgate toothpaste – you know, the stuff your friendly dentist recommended and gave away for free. The ingredients include propylene glycol – a syrupy liquid that acts as a thickener and moisturizer – a substance which is not only toxic but sometimes used as antifreeze. And sodium hydroxide, the chemical name for lye, or drain cleaner. Greenpeace has already red-flagged Colgate toothpaste in its Vigitox campaign. If you’d prefer to play safe, switch to any of these French brands: Weleda, Cattier, Ciel d’Azur, Elmex (available in all pharmacies and the only one my family found acceptable), Logodent and Laboratoire Phyt’s.


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