Scientists and doctors call for ban on new incinerators in France

A group comprising scientists and doctors have called on the government to stop building new waste incinerators, a highly controversial subject which has generated heated debate and no consensus during the first round of the Grenelle. The “Group of Scientific Experts on the Risks of Incineration” (GESDI) has submitted a report to the Environment Ministry demanding an immediate halt to construction and outlining alternatives to incineration. France has more incinerators per person than any other country in Europe, and is the world’s second biggest nation for incinerators after Japan. At present there are a total of 125 active in France. Air emissions from incinerators can include heavy metals such as mercury and highly toxic trace organic compounds and dioxins. Health risks associated with incinerators include cancer and congential birth defects. France lags behind many OECD such as Germany and Switzerland which have introduced “Pay as you throw” taxes which have proven highly successful in reducing the volume of waste generated per household.


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