Home energy audit now compulsory for renters in France

Since July 2007 it is now compulsory to carry out an energy audit when you rent a house or apartment in France. This was already the case for purchases and now has been extended to rentals. The audit, which is called a “diagnostique de performance énergétique” (DPE), has to be included with the lease at signature time. It should include the following elements:
– description of the state of windows, insulation and all heating and cooling systems
– evaluation of annual cost of energy consumption
– a “grade” based on annual consumption calculated in kWh per square meter, ranging from “A” (less than 50, economical) to “G” (over 450, very wasteful)

– carbon emissions generated by annual consumption

– practical advice on how to save energy

The audit costs around 300 euros and is at the landlord’s charge. It does not require any practical action, but is merely as a guide to suggest improvements.
You can contact a certified auditor through the French Environment and Energy Management Agency ADEME, by clicking here.

Another way to realize energy savings at home is to purchase an energy meter like the Wattmetre Energiemetre Brennenstuhl, available online at La Boutique Econologique.

All you have to do is plug it into the socket first and then plug in the appliance you’d like to monitor.

via 60 million de consommateurs


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