Recycling gets new life online

Beyond the church bazaar, yard sale and charity outlets, new places are popping up online where you can recycle, exchange and give away stuff – everything from old computers, television sets and DVDs to cars and washing machines – that you no longer need or want. Consorecup and are two recent examples of websites which have emerged to satisfy the demand for new patterns of consumption.

Shopping for gently used clothing at the “depot-ventes” around Paris is another way to update your wardrobe while staying in “recycle and reuse” mode. Here’s a list of favourites:
Chercheminippes is a chain of second hand stores dotted around the lower reaches of the Rue du Cherche Midi, towards Montparnasse. Aside from clothes, you will find shoes, handbags, costume jewellery as well as brand new cosmetics from Guerlain, YSL, and Dior—mostly free gift items dropped off for re-sale by press attaches. Chercerminippes have two outlets for women, one for children, and one for men.
Saperli et Popette at 8, rue Guichard in the 16th arrondissement (Metro: La Muette) is the biggest depot vente for children’s clothing of all ages up to 16 as well as maternity clothing.
Lalu at 105 rue Satin-Maur in the 11th arrondissement (Metro: Saint-Maur) is for hipsters who like brands like Isabel Marant and Antoine et Lili.
Récréatoc at 45 rue Lepic in the 18th (Metro: Abbesses) is a tiny boutique which carries clothing for mothers and daughters.

Finally, an item of pure eco-chic, bags by Bilum made from recycled posters ripped from advertising billboards around Paris.

One response to “Recycling gets new life online

  1. Great post I especially found it useful where you stated that on line sites are supplimenting church sales. Don’t forget about local resale shops. And businesses can use unusable clothing cut into rags for cleaning. If you own a business you might want to check the reviews at

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