Save water with a mediterranean garden

Say goodbye to mowing, watering, fertilizers and pesticides – the “dry” or Mediterranean garden is the greenest option around these days. Not only do you save water, but it is a lot less work.

Olivier Filippi, one of the pioneers of the movement and author of the book “Un jardin sans arrosage”, (Actes Sud) advises gardeners to “turn off the water, let things die and keep only what survives.” Filippi, who is based in the arid Languedoc Roussillon, has built up a catalogue of 1500 Mediterranean plants and travels twice a year with his wife in Greece, Spain, Morocco and elsewhere along the basin collecting species which he then tests in his home laboratory to see if they will work in a French climate. Only an average of one in 10 make the cut.

For more information, check out the following websites :


via Le Point


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