Calculate carbon cost of your commute

A new carbon calculator which compares the environmental impact of your commuting habits is available at the ADEME, the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management.

It’s called the “calculette Eco-déplacements” and it allows you to compare in terms of price, carbon emissions and energy any mode of transportation – by car, by car-pooling, train, metro, bus, tram, motorbike, bicycle or on foot.

For longer distances, SNCF has a similar tool called the EcoComparateur which I wrote about earlier this year at Eurocheapo.

One of the best ways to commute in Paris these days is the hugely popular Velib system of bike-sharing inaugurated this summer. Not only is it better for the environment, but it has also proven to be a great dating resource, according to a number of accounts circulating in the French blogosphere and in the press. Marie Claire advises its readers to start by offering assistance to the handsome first time Velib-er spotted hesitating in front of one of the parking zones. If you see him again? “Attack gently with a complicit smile and a ‘so we are neighbors?'” The magazine also reports recent sightings of star Velibsters such as Adrien Brody (near the Bon Marché) and Alain Delon.


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