Green power choices for French households

French consumers will get to choose from a number of green power options for the first time from July 1, when European energy markets become fully deregulated. Most of the schemes are variants of the green pricing model – under which suppliers buy energy credits on behalf of their customers, rather than selling them the electricity generated from renewable sources.

Poweo, France’s largest independent energy supplier, has offered clients an “organic electricity” deal whereby for each kilowatt consumed, it will buy 100 pct green power in the form of green certificates from French wind or hydraulic farms. By buying these renewable energy certificates, you are increasing demand for additional renewable generation and displacing other non-renewable sources from the grid.

Former monopoly EDF and Electrabel (Suez) have also rolled out similar competitive offers. Enercoop, a truly green power cooperative whose founders include Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, will provide consumers with 100 percent renewable energy purchased directly from small companies. The co-op, founded in September 2006, will charge clients around a third more than EDF’s tariffs.


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